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Astrology of Neurodivergence Tribe
« on: January 31, 2009, 03:55:29 PM »
2 days ago, I created the Astrology of Neurodivergence tribe on tribenet

This tribe is to raise awareness about neurodivergence and promote
neurodiversity in Astrology. Neurodivergence will be looked at from
the neurodivergent perspective which means that it will be looked at
in a way that it's considered a variation of the human condition.
Discussion of astrological indicators for neurodivergence including
charts of neurodivergents will be interpreted including even famous
celebrities. Anything that has to do with neurodivergence will be open
to discussion. It can be people just talking about their own
neurodivergence and how it affects them and others. We will discuss
how neurodivergence affects relationships. We will provide
support,solutions,and resources. We want to help neurodivergents to
understand their weaknesses and strengths of their neurodivergence
through Astrology. Natural remedies for neurodivergent weaknesses will
be discussed. Special education therapies like speech
therapy,occupational therapy,and auditory therapy that correct
neurodivegent weaknesses will also be discussed. We will discuss how
to utilize neurodivergent strengths and how they can be applied to
certain activities and occupations.

Indigo,Crystal will also be discussed. They seem to be New Age terms
for neurodivergence. We will discuss various views about the concept
of Indigo,Crystal and whether it applies to certain generations or if
it applies to certain individuals of all ages.

Neurodivergence include the following:

Various Learning Disorders (or should I say...Learning Differences)
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (or should I say...Attention
Divergent Hyperactivity Difference
Autistic Spectrum (includes Autistics and Aspergers)
Sensory Integration Disorder (or should I say....Sensory Integration
Tourette Syndrome

I created at 4:44 pm in Sacramento,California where I am at

I chose it to be formed on the 29th day because
29 is a master number,and it's associated with
ultrasensitivity,thinking in pictures,and
rightbrainedness,idealism,spirituality which can fit with combined

I thought it was good day because of the kite of Mercury,Moon-Uranus
in Pisces,Saturn in Virgo in 3rd,Sedna in Taurus.
I thought that this fit good with the astrological communications
about information processing that is unusual and can be seem too far
out,remote in a grounded,practical,compassionate manner. This
configuration fits with feelings about things that will be empathized
with because of having similar experiences.

Eris conjunct the Midheaven is the diversity,advocacy,equal rights
with Mercury squaring, neurodiversity. I didn't mind it being a square
because of Mercury is involved in a kite. Also Mercury square Eris can
be in synchronicity with the neurodivergence itself and it could be a
very stimulating to energize the thinking processes making
communications very productive, as well as discussing
Jupiter in 7th conjunct the Descendant can be good for
optimism,expansion in relationships and others in general.
Mercury-Mars and Pluto in Capricorn 6th fit with health,service
emphasis that involves communications,actions,and transformation in
grounded,practical manner

Mercury-Mars in Capricorn in 6th sextile Moon-Venus in Pisces in 8th
fits with discussing how neurodivergence effects daily
routine,relationships as well as the secondary psychological problems
that often result from neurodivergence. It fits with communicating
about mental health problems.

Neptune in 7th/8th indicates the need to addressing the psychiatric
misdiagnoses of neurodivergents that often lead to being treated with
psychiatric medications which could lead to side effects because of
the hypersensitivity to medications due to the ultrasensitive nature
of the neurodivergent person.

Leo Ascendant with its ruler Sun conjunct the North Lunar Node in
Aquarius in 7th indicates a strong emphasis on expressing and making
connections,friends with others. Aquarius also fits with
humanitarianism and Astrology.

Raymond Andrews