Author Topic: Importance of Cycles!  (Read 3452 times)

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Importance of Cycles!
« on: November 26, 2008, 10:17:51 PM »
Particularly two cycles , one of Saturn opposing Pluto (2001) & the current one Saturn opposing Uranus, how world economy has gone into recession...
Also astrologers like, Eric Sullivan has asserted of Angular relationship of Planets with Sun affects more..( than mere placements of planets in signs ,in contrast to , position of planets in houses) and even some scientists have observed  more radio frequency disturbances when Planets are at 0,90 ,135 or 180 degrees from Sun than at trines..
I also have heard of 'our horoscope, as a metaphor of time frozen in past & people still arguing about Tropical/Sideral placements..
What do you all think of  dynamic opposition/aspects of powerful planets ( which shall be same in both zodiacs) ..does this affect us or Mundane Astrolgy more..please share! :)

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Re: Importance of Cycles!
« Reply #1 on: November 27, 2008, 05:48:40 AM »
During my earlier years of studying Astrology, I worked in the System Control Division of our municipal utility company.  I was keeping electric meter testing records and working with the engineers who designed and maintained the switches for the city's electrical supply.  My head perked up when I noticed that the test results on the computer screens were displayed in circles similar to the ones we use in our Astrological craft. Trying to keep it in it in simple layman's terms here: the test meters indicated the most efficient flow of power during the times when there was close to 120 degree angles of transmission through the measuring devices.

When the infant draws his first breath, the body is electrically imprinted with the current (no pun intended) electrical relationships between the planets. Whole generations of people are affected by aspects such as the opposition between Saturn and Uranus, the old and the new coming together in a stressful relationship, creating discordant harmonies of electrical energies in the environment.  (We all know that Uranus is the indicator of sudden change.) When in trance, Edgar Cayce mentioned that Saturn is the indicator of change, also.  I believe that this new generation will be the bringers of change to our Earth,  change as we can not even imagine at the moment. We live in Interesting Times.
Bette Rose