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I'm doing the vocational profile of a friend of a friend, in order to rebuild my vocational profiling skills (which are dusty since I haven't done it in awhile!)

MC Cancer

MC ruler Moon10(5) in Pisces.NEP6(-URA5)(-MER9,12)(-SAT4)(4) in Capricorn.SAT4(-MER9,12)(-VEN1,8)(-NEP6(4) in Capricorn*

MC contacts MC ruler MOON10(5) in Pisces, MER9,12(-URA5)(-NEP6)(-SAT4)(4) in Capricorn

Reigning need: MOON10(5) in Pisces contacts MARS7(3) in Sagittarius, JUP3(9) in Cancer, and URA5(-NEP6)(-MER9,12)(4) in Capricorn

4th house stellium noted

SUN!7(4....rushing to 5) in Aquarius noted

URA in Capricorn in 3rd house, but rushing to 4th house noted

Possible thing to consider: JUP in Cancer makes a conjunction to the MC, albeit a wide (8°) one. JUP rules the 3rd house of communications


Of course, that stellium in the 4th house of building/preserving can't be ignored. The MC contacts that stellium conjunction, as does the Moon (reigning need) in Pisces. Uranus, which is part of the dispositor chain via that stellium conjunction, is located in the 3rd house but rushing into the 4th house.

With Venus, Neptune, and Mercury all in the mix in that stellium chain, there is definitely a strong aesthetic sense. Because Capricorn (business/administrative concerns) rules over that stellium conjunction, I'm more liable to go with real estate developer (or possibly an architect) than an interior designer for the vocation.

However that Pisces Moon in the 5th House + the 3rd/9th communications channel linkages are throwing me off!


KMPH's MC ruler Moon sits in the 5th house of entertainment/performance and is disposited by a Neptune-led conjunction in the 3rd/4th house involving a range of planets -- including Uranus (located in the 3rd house of communications, but rushing to the 4th house), which rules the 5th House. With that stellium conjunction in Capricorn, one could see a business angle related to entertainment house concerns.

The MC contacts the Moon and the big 4th house stellium conjunction involving Uranus (5th house ruler), With a 5th House Moon in Pisces, KMPH has a reigning need for theatrical performance that involves compassion.

There is also a 3rd-9th communications channel activated in the profile, not to mention the 7th house public exposure link involved in the reigning need profile (Moon contacting Mars, which rules the 7th + Sun! (which rules the 7th House) in the 4th house but rushing to the 5th house.

Also, JUP makes a wide (8 degrees) conjunction to the MC, with JUP ruling the 3rd house of communications.


KMPH doesn't have a double-bodied Midheaven, so I'm a little lost because his vocational profile seems like it's all over the place. There is definitely a link between 4th house and 5th house concerns (either way, his work will involve a helping/healing component because of the influence of the 6th/8th/12th houses), but I'm unsure which reigns supreme. I'm inclined with go with the 4th house stellium, since it's so "extreme".

I could conclude that KMPH would be most fulfilled in a building/preserving-oriented occupation that plays to his deep need to show compassion, his deep need to "perform for"/"entertain" while helping/healing the public, and utilizes his strong communications skills. However, I'm unsure if the real estate developer / architect angle is the correct choice for such vocational needs. Perhaps he's really meant to be an entertainer who needs to show compassion, help/heal the public, utilize his strong communications skills.....but will utilize heavy 4th house themes (e.g., involving families/his ethnicity/his homeland of Nigeria) in his work?

Any guidance that you may have would be appreciated. Thank you!
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Hi Zuri:

My humble input:

You did nail it down, and then you wandered around.  Believe when you hear/see what is absolutely shouting in the chart.

  The aesthetic need is huge...Moon in Pisces and Neptune on the IC speak the loudest in the chart by far. 

I might add Moon Nodal axis in 5th/11th square Pluto in the 2nd...this person has to create big scale beauty/value in this world. Noel does not include Moon nodal axis in vocation profiles.  I don't always.  In this case it corroborates.   

I agree about compassion, and maybe with a fanatical force...something like demanding habitats for humanity.

So many of the young people born at this time are using that Capricorn set in constructive ways.  Others seem to just be cashing in on it.  Whatever, it is a powerful set of planets, the Saturn, Neptune, Uranus.  The gaming and the robot industry is claiming a lot of these talented people I think.

Barbara Ybarra   

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Thank you, Barbara. I presented this information to my friend (who is friends with KMPH). It turns out that this young lad is a law student at one of the Nigerian universities, and is an aspiring politician! :o He apparently has a fervent interest in reforming Nigerian politics and society (for better or worse, politics is a key avenue to becoming prosperous in Nigerian society).

While he doesn't have a background in architecture, interior design, real estate, or even construction, he does volunteer advocacy work on affordable housing issues. He is also a fan of shipping-container architecture, and thinks this cheaper material is a key way to affordably solve his country's housing shortage. He also likes to sing as a hobby (and even once auditioned for "Nigerian Idol", but got cut early).

I'm not seeing law in this natal chart (although I could see how the energy of that packed 4th house could be geared towards strong nationalism, since the 4th house also rules the homeland). He does have that Jupiter in Cancer in the 9th house widely conjunct his MC, so perhaps that's actually in operation here on the legal front?

I think the aesthetic needs are far too strong for such a "staid" profession like law, but perhaps things will change for him in the future. I suspect that real estate/architecture and especially interior design weren't considered a "suitable"/"stable"/"prestigious" enough occupation by his family (they're upper-class and traditional). Perhaps he'll deploy his future law degree towards affordable housing issues, and that will be his contribution to the "big scale beauty/value" of his homeland?

I just realized that his Mars-Uranus are also conjunct (albeit wide, 8°) in the 3rd house. Jupiter does contact that conjunction (as does his reigning need Moon). My friend didn't mention that this young lad was a tech geek, but I wonder if this young man will use technology to promote his law-related/nationalistic goals in the future?
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