Author Topic: Possible life-saving advice for mountaineers and high-risk sports persons  (Read 1169 times)

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Saturn and Jupiter - planets involved in crashing from heights.

I noticed that Jeb Corliss (born March 25, 1976), who crashed in his wing suit when jumping off Table Mountain (January 16, 2012 - breaking both legs+), had the transiting Sun opposite his natal Saturn at the time. Having crashed in a hang-glider myself, under similar hard aspects to Saturn, I started looking at planetary transits involved at times when people crashed in planes or fell from heights. It is fairly well known among astrologers that Saturn is often involved at times of accidents like these. In the interests of helping high-risk sportspersons avoid times when they are more accident prone than normal, I would just like to say that the more dangerous times of quite often predictable.
1. Download the lucky day software (#1 on Google search)
2. Run your Progressed Planet report, noting those years when you have hard aspects involving Saturn in particular (bad aspect are shown below the date line).
3. Run your Solar Arc report, noting the same. (These reports are free in the demo version you download)
Although you should primarily look at Saturn, when there are a whole bunch of hard aspects during one year this can also be a dangerous year, especially if there are outer planets (Jupiter included) and/or Mars involved.

Beware of years where you have both bad Progressions as well as Solar Arcs.

As an example, you can see an image showing the Progressions and Solar Arcs of mountaineer Rolf Bae, who died on K2 mountain in 2008, at 


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Re: Possible life-saving advice for mountaineers and high-risk sports persons
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I have a question for you;  I have solar arc sun aspecting my natal Saturn next year does your analysis apply to this aspect   I do not have transiting Saturn aspecting sun  amy