Author Topic: Progressions experienced during one's formative years  (Read 1019 times)

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Progressions experienced during one's formative years
« on: November 19, 2018, 12:39:33 AM »
Something to keep an eye on. I've noticed that progressions that tend to focus on a particular planetary effect during one's formative years, let's say, until mid-teens, often seem to shape the life of the person.

For example, a person with an above average set of Venus progressions will tend to be very good looking, a person with clusters of progressions involving Mercury will tend to be clever, with Mars they will tend to be sporty, sports stars or action oriented.

The case I looked at this morning is that of Samuel Little, born July 7, 1940. Now thought to be one of the most prolific serial killers in the US, he claims he killed as many as 90 people over four decades.

He has a one degree Mars conjunct killer planet Pluto with his Sun square the Node, the public. Pluto did the slow close-in on that conjunction by progression, peaking around his late teens, when he was first sentenced to 3 years for theft.

From age 8 to 12 he had progressed Mercury conjunct Mars, from 9 to 12 Mercury conjuct Pluto, age 11 to 13 progressed Mars square Jupiter, from age 13 to 17 progressed Mars square Saturn, the first 24 years of his life he had Venus semi-square his natal Saturn. Nothing but anger and pain, no Venus progressions for 40 years until around the time when he started killing people.

So, as with the cognitive psychological stages of development, progressions endured during formative years in astrology appear to be valid. Psychologists would be aided by such knowledge in helping understand what makes people tick.

Or tock. I had a whole bunch of Mercury transits during my formative years. Some people call me motor-mouth. They say I tock too much.
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Re: Progressions experienced during one's formative years
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Hi Adol33,  very interesting research on criminal propensity from numerous Mars progressions.
Speaking of "All Talk, All The Time" is represented by 2002 TX300 in the Kuiper Belt.   Solar Fire I
believe allows you to see where this object falls in one's natal chart.
     If not in Solar Fire, try site for an ephemeris on 2002
Here are people and things with this object prominent:  Fox News, Gretchen Carlson, Megyn Kelly, Walter
Kronkite, Rush Limbaugh, Bill Maher, David Brinkley, Anderson Cooper, Geraldo Rivera.....these people
certainly "talked, talked and more talk".
     I just checked Solar Fire and you can find TX300 by going to Extra Ring Points, hilite New Plan.exe.
Now go back to Solar Fire, at the top click VIEW then PAGE TOPIC INDEX ...choose UNIEXTRA WITH STANDARD & EXTRA POINT RING.
Up comes your chart showing where your TX300 is on the chart.    Make sure you brought up your natal chart at the beginning.
     The second chart below for Anderson Cooper is a typical chart you would get with Solar Fire.
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Re: Progressions experienced during one's formative years
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progressions don't exist

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Re: Progressions experienced during one's formative years
« Reply #3 on: December 03, 2018, 11:01:36 AM »
adol33. THANKS! That is incredible research. I've researched effects of being traumatized during planetary cycles in childhood. Especially with divorce. They hook the child into certain planetary energies for good or bad for the rest of their lives.

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Re: Progressions experienced during one's formative years
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Hello adol 33,

I must admit, I only started looking at progressions about 5 years ago. I did notice Venus progressed to my Pisces Sun at that time. I was also catching up with hairdressers that I worked with in my teens to early twenties. I believe Venus is the ruler of hairstylists. It was also a learning curve about the nature of relationships (also Venus), a revision of that time but with a more mature and experienced attitude. Also, a lot of my friends from that time were also clients for many years.
Natal Venus in Capricorn ruled by 1st house oriental Saturn.

Just another slant to consider.
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