Author Topic: Bitcoin surges 15% - spike or beginning of trend?  (Read 634 times)

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Bitcoin surges 15% - spike or beginning of trend?
« on: April 02, 2019, 11:52:35 PM »

If we use the January 3, 2009 birth chart, transitting Uranus is now exactly trine its natal Pluto, and its progressed Jupiter is now one degree and approaching its natal Mercury, which peaks in 2023. Progressed Venus sextile Sun 2021 to 2023. This could be the comback that few have faith in.


p.s. For interest, some see Bitcoin in a similar way to gold. Long term value. Plus we have this Saturn-Pluto drama coming later this year which will likely pick up the value of gold.

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Re: Bitcoin surges 15% - spike or beginning of trend?
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I was trying to do the chart for Bitcoin. I have the time and date but it's extremely tricky trying to ascertain the location.

The creator of Bitcoin is anonymous and his identity and location are, as yet, unknown. Some say he's a Japanese guy living in Tokyo, London, or somewhere in the US.

How can we create a chart if we have no location?

BTW, I don't think that it can be seen as gold. It's totally different. It is a commodity and should really be seen as a currency with its own individual chart. It would be interesting to see how its price fluctuation compares to planetary aspects just as this is done for metals such as gold and silver and for the dollar.