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One thing Sepharial never predicted
« on: March 26, 2020, 01:19:50 AM »
Something on a lighter note while we all fear for our futures.

You've probably wondered how they did it or what the camera apparatus looks like that Google used to photograph the streets of the cities of the world, you know, the one that went past your home and photographed it.

Well, this will reveal a bit about Scorpios but we don't care because you know already. Somewhat.

This morning while reading some of Sepharial's articles in the British Journal of Astrology (Sepharial and Alan Leo were some of the main astrologer authors just over a hundred years ago), I was checking out where he used to work from, 61 Fleet Street London (which doesn't seem to be factually correct, it seems he was just off in Bouverie Street). He later worked from 6 Pilgrim Street, and while checking that out for factual accuracy (like I said, Scorpios check a lot of things out - the purpose of their lives is apparently to turn over all the stones that may have been forgotten to have been looked under by the masses during their stampede to find new knowledge), I saw it.

The Google camera. In real life. Photographing the entrance where Sepharial used to work. Look in the reflection in the shop window.,-0.102349,3a,75y,146.53h,77.62t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sfuTvcr5bguIPelHs9gAdMw!2e0!!7i16384!8i8192

He was brilliant, on point, and 200 years ahead of the rest of the masses. But he probably never foresaw that one day, a whole bunch of Scorpios would be peering, possibly simultaneously and from places all around the world, using a device they carry in their pocket, at the place where he used to work.

Just as our best astrologers probably can't foresee how one day, a whole bunch of other Scorpios will be checking us out. Probably just activating that part of their brains hooked to the net that needs that particular type of information at the time. Weirdos, that's what I'm calling you, when you check me out a hundred years from now. I'm on to you. Call it a prediction if you will.

And no, to answer the Librans, we have nothing better to do with our time. Nothing is more important to us than trying to uncover secrets of the universe; the journey does however lead us sometimes to strange places. Creepy, but it's our job, just like yours is to weigh it up and get it out there with a balancing dose of Libran scales. You just can't help it. You're a prisoner. You're trapped. By objects in the sky.

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