I'm having difficulty with this horoscope because of three things: 

  • there's only one square, Uranus-Venus, which shoots into the 7th; 
  • the Full-Moon birth seems comfortable for relationship, with the Sun ruling the 7th;
  • everything looks confident, but there are the strong retrogradation accents and Neptune conjunct Mercury, co-ruler of the 7th.  
The woman is due for the Uranus transit of her Ascendant starting Summer 1999?  Do we have a big late-in-life break up here?

Discussion Outline

There is a lot more developmental tension here than the Uranus-Venus square.

First of all, whenever the Ascendant ruler is retrograde or under high developmental tension, the chances are extremely high that identity development will be difficult, more than what is normal.  I note that this woman was born in Poland in late 1943; the war tensions would be considerable upon the family, and Uranus so close to the fourth cusp certainly would lead into a discussion about this, followed up emphatically by the Saturn retrograde phenomenon.

Second, Saturn retrograde is quindecile (quin-deh-chee'-lay; 165 degrees) to the Midheaven.  This is a powerful, even obsessive focusing of unresolved paternal issues within this woman.  Will this be transferred to husband(s)? Additionally, this Saturn is tightly semisquare to the Nodal axis, bringing in extreme maternal influence as well, perhaps by default somehow (from the father's perspective).

Third, with the Western hemisphere emphasis, the woman is probably giving herself to others to an extreme, leaving herself behind.  We would have to check this out.  Is that tendency overcompensatory to find relationship fulfillment because the relationship modeling in the home was drastically upset in the early years?

Assuming that these deductions gather steam in the consultation discussion, let's look at the defense mechanism in the life, the Neptune conjunction with Mercury and Venus: IDEALISM, backed up powerfully by Neptune being oriental (rising last before the Sun does in clockwise motion).  Are this woman's relationships marking the way to some kind of illusory idealistic fulfillment?  How practical is that?  How many bumps in the road have been incurred in this process?

It's interesting to note as well that the Aries Point (zero Cardinals) is equal to Sun-Moon / Venus! This is public registration of aesthetic.  Somehow, this woman is probably using her idealistic mind-set to relate to others aesthetically, creatively (Sun in Libra; Venus quintile Saturn) to make up for a desultory beginning.  The bad times early on probably have been repeated in her private life, her husband(s); that's what usually happens.

We would need to know about age 54, just recently, when SA Pluto=Neptune came into play.  This is almost always a time (Neptune and Pluto, Pluto and Neptune relating in just about any developing way) of special hypersensitive study, the paranormal, the bizarre, the occult, somehow having keen significance.  This could well be the preparation for the high change due with the Uranian transit late in 1999 and into 2000.  Perhaps she is spiritually fortified now to stand strong and independent of her past debilitations and present marital disharmony (ego fulfillment at last, the need to be numero uno, Moon in Aries).  Note as well that at the same time with tr. Uranus crossing the Ascendant she will have tr. Pluto conjunct the Midheaven.  This is perhaps the biggest time of her life.

[In reality, when this woman's father returned from the war in Poland and Germany, her parents divorced immediately.  "Idealism" is the woman's 'middle name,' as it were.  Marriage difficulties abounded in her life, and she found expression and freedom through running her own flower shop, as a social outlet as well as a profitable business.  Most recently she took of the study of esoteric healing methods (8th House; sun in the 8th, Venus rulership, square Uranus, Ascendant ruler, opposing the Midheaven) and is preparing herself to leave her alcoholic husband.] 

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