Please discuss with me a vocational guidance angle for this young woman. She's been a drop-out for so much of her life.  I can't get a bead on the best vocational direction for her.  Any ideas?

Discussion Outline

This lady surely wears her emotions on her sleeve; the Moon is at zero Cancer (the Aries Point; zero cardinals, a forward thrust).  She's all caught up with needs for home security, and her nervous system is working overtime to idealize all of this; 'some day, my prince will come!' (Mercury-Venus conjunction at the 7th cusp; Sun in Gemini, New Moon in the7th)

Additionally, the hemisphere emphasis to the southwest: this woman is so vulnerable to being taken advantage of, i.e., anything to be loved in a relationship, properly, ideally!

Such pronounced complexes are usually overcompensatory for something else, and here it has got to be the Saturn retrograde phenomenon, possibly related somehow to a brother, a big brother who exploited her as well?

Note that Neptune is peregrine, a tremendous idealized, possibly creative force unleashed in every direction.  When SA Neptune came to the Ascendant at age 22 ½ (a normally expected 'wipe-out' time for the ego), transiting Neptune had just been opposing the Moon for almost two years.  This must have been her major drop-out time.  We would have to check that out carefully.

Note that the arc of Saturn to the fourth cusp (SA Saturn=MC) came into play immediately thereafter at age 23 ½.  This is another punctuation of one tough time for this lady.

Solar Arc Neptune went on to oppose Mercury and Venus.  If she was married, it probably ended under this onslaught of difficulty.  I would even look for a nervous breakdown, but this reality will come out in your discussion.

What happened at the transit-Saturn return?  In early 1993, and then when tr. Saturn crossed the fourth cusp.  This was probably the time of escape, change, getting on the track again.

Vocationally, under the best circumstances this woman needs to be with the public (Moon in the 7th, etc.; the Aries Point) doing something creative (note that there are seven quintile aspects!!, three of them with the Moon).

With Neptune peregrine, ruling the 4th, we've got to consider the home in this vocational profile also.  The education is the key: the education was probably interrupted (the Pluto-Mars-Uranus conjunction squaring the Ascendant, etc.) but resumed, with the Sun ruling the 9th and well aspected, also with three quintile contacts.

Under the best conditions: an architect; under probable conditions, interior designer, making the perfect, idealized home for others.

[In reality, this woman suffered terribly under the oppression of a Middle East father and brother, took on enormous culture shock in the United States, got involved with wayward marriages, entered the drug world, rescued herself, returned to Art School, and became an interior designer.]

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