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Counseling Insights, February 28, 2006

Why Astrology is “our” Efficient Therapy!

Therapist Donald L. Peters, a retired school counselor with 35 years experience, developed a list of considerations to guide discussion about life activities and their link with personal fulfillment. He labels his approach a fun-formula [See Favorite Counseling and Therapy Techniques, Howard G. Rosenthal, Editor]. It’s simple, intriguing, and extremely pertinent to discussions astrologers have with clients of any age.

And it actually captures how our profession of Astrology works for us vocationally to bring us personal fulfillment to us!

The Seven Points to be considered

1. Action Physically and/or mentally, we need to be engaged, to be involved, to feel significant in order to avoid listlessness and boredom. On a negative pole, drug-use (for example) can fill a void where action-involvement is missing. For us, astrology engages us with others thoughtfully, dynamically.

2. Discovery and Learning Learning from our work and what we do in life is essential for growth. Feeling that growth is fulfilling. The concept of “mind-expansion” works with negative things such as catalytic drugs; and positive things like the study of the process of becoming.

3. Emotional Experience We need emotion in relation to what we do in order to feel “right,” on the right track. We need to anticipate the high of action and discovery. Doing something without genuine emotional value is emptiness.

4. Belonging We need to know there are others who are similarly active, discovering and learning similarly, sharing emotional experiences with us. The sense of belonging with others expands our individual identity.

5. Having a VoiceWhat we think and say must be heard. It’s not the end result that is key; it’s the process of registering opinion, commenting on the growth process.

6. Being SomebodySo much of our individual identification in life comes from labels: what we do for our work, how we vote, our faith, etc. Being somebody requires a minimum of this kind of identification, and it usually comes from the job. If we are actively engaged, discovering and learning, feeling emotional values, and having a voice in our work, we are well up the ladder of personal fulfillment. The job leads the way in the social view of “being somebody.”

7. The Look ahead Are we able to plan ahead, away from regrettable circumstances –which may be repeating themselves all to often throughout our life? Can we escape knowingly from dismal anchors as the look ahead gains positive illumination?

We can use these considerations –all of them, or several—to help our clients see themselves in perspective, their involvement with development. The seven points are simple but extremely telling. –Think them over and see how our involvement with astrology certainly puts us high on the point scale of a fulfilling, defining, enriching vocation. We know who we are among these seven key dimensions, and we can be very proud of that!

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