The Noel Tyl Master's Degree

Certification Course in Astrology

Over 400 students have enrolled in the Course throughout some 24 countries; many graduates are now working as professionals at their highest skill level; and all of us are sharing an extraordinary time of learning discovery and fulfillment. -You become, indeed, the best astrologer you can be!

The Course has 19 Lessons and a Final Exam. Each Lesson is about 2-3,000 words in length, printed. It will take you approximately 40-50 hours to fulfill the work for each Lesson. When you return the Lesson to me, only I study it and, as I edit it to teach you and guide you to your best fulfillment as an analytic astrologer, I speak to you onto a cassette, approximately 25-40 minutes in length for each Lesson. -This is highly personalized teaching indeed, and I love it!

You proceed at your own pace, but I urge good continuity of approximately 1 Lesson completed every 4-5 weeks. As we get into the Course, after I see what you can do and where you are heading, we double up on the Lessons so that you are always busy(!), working on the next Lesson while I am editing the last one to return to you.

The Lessons in the Course cover every detail of psychologically rich, deep analytical astrology, following the text Synthesis & Counseling in Astrology -The Professional Manual (by Noel Tyl, Llewellyn Publications), a 1,000-page manual.

Additionally, astrologers in the Course are linked together throughout the world on TylNet, a free e-mail channel for networking and mutual support.

The Course is crowned by my certification of you through a full-color, grand certificate suitable for framing and, dare I say, a good deal of prominence, such is the pride I have of my students, my publicity for them, our international internet Course Network, etc..

****I can promise you that after four Lessons, your ‘head will be turned around’; after 9, you’re a pro; and after 19, you may stand by anyone in the world.****

This Course is a Master’s Degree level course, or higher.

The prerequisites are important, of course: you must have some experience as an astrologer (some people in the Course have been active in astrology for 20 years, some for 2), with experience doing horoscopes, perhaps minimally 15-20 of them; you must have good astrological software, capable of double-ring charts, mid-point tables, aspect grid, and time changes throughout the world; word processing capability, since the Lessons must come back in executive text, clearly presented; and you must be serious, since the Course takes 1.5-2 years to complete.

The total cost is US $650. $250 gets you started with the balance of $400 due at the onset of Lesson 9. There are no refunds for any reasons, including demise of student or teacher. (My lawyer makes me state that that way!)

I assure you that the turn-around of communication is swift, and that I am available by phone or internet should a problem arise. I want to share my 40 years of experience (some 20,000 charts, probably) and reputation with you in the way that will make you the best astrologer you can be!

I hope you can be with us. I look forward to your personal communique: please telephone me for further discussion, for registering for the Course. We will start a professional, personal relationship that will be rewarding for both of us in the times ahead: 215-432-3385, 14:00 to 20:00 EST, USA.

Sincerely, Basil Fearrington 

Lesson Titles

Comments from Students

“Having studied astrology haphazardly for over 30 years, I cannot believe how much I have learned from you in just a few short months. It is all flowing together beautifully.” –J.B., ID

“I can’t tell you how amazing this course is! It’s mind-boggling and ever so fulfilling! …When I look back at how difficult astrology used to be for me, I’m astonished by the giant leap I took in just over a year, both in astrology and in personal understanding. Thank you so much for taking me through this, and for being so generous with your incredible knowledge!” –M. L. Australia

“Everything I am learning in your course seems stupendous to me. I can tell you that what I have learned so far boggles my mind. I absolutely did not believe you when you said I would be able to do this much by the third or fourth lesson. My reaction to that was –Yea, sure. It may not seem like much to you, but it is almost unbelievable to me.” –C.M. CO

“What is really magnificent is your super-generous and absolutely outstanding personal teaching. There is nothing like it anywhere. My encounter with you and your super mastery is THE event in my life.” –MM, Argentina

“I thought about your course for over two years before I took it on, largely because I was just sure I would fail and then how could I go on as an Astrologer! I am growing more than I could have imagined in my work and my confidence is coming right along with that growth. This material is so well put together it just blows me away. Thank You … Thank You … Thank You!” –K.O. MN

“Your work is more than inspiring; it is life-changing, and I am grateful to be learning from the best! The gods certainly have given you a gift, and we are all blessed that you share it with us all so energetically!” J.R. OH

“The Course is intriguing I every way. Absolutely excellent and very challenging! I feel as if I am getting a handle on my last 25 years of studying astrology; it’s fascinating. Thank you.” –A.O., CT

 “The level is just right: beyond the beginning stage, very challenging and well structured. The historical human interest of the working examples makes it fun as well.” -J.F., NY

 “Now, after the 6th Lesson, I can say that this Course marks the first time I understand how astrology can really affect change and be more than a parlor discussion about little insignificant things shown in the chart.” –R.S. Portland

 “I feel a surge of excitement every time I read through your wonderful lessons. Thank you again for your priceless support and instruction. I cannot imagine a more worthwhile course in astrology to be found anywhere!” -K.S. CAN

“This is amazing!!!!!!!!! I no longer see these charts as complex strings of symbols but as living stories that are constructed in a two-way dialogue! [Lesson 3] Brilliant; I enjoy how I’m learning to relate the measurements to real life human behavior. I have given about 15 readings in the past month and in 10 of them the clients were so moved the tears flowed, and in four of them the clients had very large breakthroughs. I feel like I’ve gotten ten times my money’s worth already, Noel. Thank you!” –D.S. OH

 “Real depth is what I constantly find as I adjust everything to discoveries made in these Lessons.” –J.A., CO

 “Already what I have learnt from you has been incredible. Your patience and understanding are truly appreciated.” –H.B., SAFR

 “You have the ‘touch of a master’ when it comes to giving praise and credit when they are due, and correction when praise isn’t due.” N.A., OR

 “This Course Program has made such a difference to my whole way of looking at the chart already. I can’t thank you enough for providing such an opportunity.” –S.S., WA

 “I know this Course is making me the finest astrologer I am capable of being! It shows me beautifully how to synthesize astrological principles and modern psychology! To take a course in astrology from anyone on the planet it would be this one from NOEL TYL.” –E.P., WA

 “I love these incredible lessons and am learning so much that is completely new to me! I am seeing progress not only through basic astrological understanding, but as a kind of ripple effect throughout my whole life as a direct and indirect result of taking this course, and that, my dear Teacher, excites me!” -K.S., CAN

“I love this Course! It’s sort of like learning to read all over again … it is very empowering. I can’t for the life of me remember how I looked at charts before your course! You are the most inspiring and encouraging teacher I have ever had. -A.C. ,CAN 

“I’m looking forward to receiving the next LESSONS of your wonderful Course … It is so thrilling and so instructive, I just can’t imagine now how I did without it before!” -B.S. SWITZ

 “Overall, I can honestly say I am feeling more and more like a real astrologer. This means that I am starting to think astrologically. I look forward to another year of development. It feels like the sky’s the limit!” -B.B., WA

 “I am truly in your debt. Your guidance has given me great confidence in sitting down with clients and doing their charts. I would have never tried to look instantaneously at a chart before being tutored by you. Hours of work would have preceded my consultations -now, a half-hour can do the trick, and hour at most. I feel I have gone from student of astrology to astrologer. And it has been fun, yet very demanding, sometimes wrenchingly so. The last thing I want to get back in the mail is the Tyl drama of disappointment! However, whatever the reason, my confidence in myself has changed phenomenally!” -A.O., CT

 “Again, having worked through the lessons you have sent me, I am taken to new understandings of synthesis. I simply can not tell you how excited I get when I begin to really see how it all works through your eyes and your knowledge. -You are taking me to the places with astrological understanding that I always knew must be there but was not able to find on y own or through other teachers that I have had. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!” -R.R., MI\

 “Thank you for sharing your wisdom. This is amazing insight here, Noel. I thought I was a fairly good astrologer, but your technique is so clear, so precise and so in depth that I am amazed at how much I have learned and how much more I will be learning. ” –W.B., ME

 “I am truly amazed at how easy it was to pick up the key factors once I did the ‘shorthand’ and went through each step! What has been really gratifying is that I am able to apply everything that I am learning immediately in my work with clients! I feel my expertise has really grown just in the first five Lessons, not to mention the shortened preparation time for charts. Everything you said about this course is true. I am so pleased to be taking it.” –C.J., IN

 “There you are, showing this little fish (flounder comes to mind!) how to string the stars together! Yes! my mouth is open in awe, and Yes!, I know you have more left to pull out of the basket. I am astounded at what the fresh view I’m developing has done to give me insight into the work I’m doing with clients!” – D.C.,WI

 “I look forward to your taped response to this Lesson with great anticipation: you have boosted and bolstered me enormously with the phenomenal expertise you are passing on; and, with your wonderful, wise, caring, astute, and succinct commentaries, you have given me much more confidence in interpretation already, just in three Lessons!” -J.A. AUS

 “I don’t even know how to begin to thank you for all your wonderful instruction, expertise, help and concern over this last year and a half. Without question, my perspective of Astrology has been completely transformed to a level I couldn’t have imagined previously, and has made an indelible impact on how I will approach this work from now on. My association with you has been a blessing, not only through learning astrological technique and instruction, but also in myriad ways throughout me life that you will never know. Thank you for giving me so much.” -K.S., CAN

 “This Course is everything (and more) than I dreamed it would be!” -L.C., MA

 “Both my husband and I enjoy your responses to my lessons so much that I cannot bring myself to recycle the tapes. They will be treasured for years to come!” -P.P., AZ

 “Each consultation is too amazing! Each one increases my perception because the Course lessons prove themselves!” -J.A., CO

 “I have learned a tremendous amount of knowledge from you and see myself growing and becoming a very skilled astrologer. It is so much easier and faster for me now to analyze a chart, and my confidence is growing rapidly with each Lesson. The amount of referrals has definitely been growing which is a boost to my ego and confidence. Thanks again for being such a great teacher. It has meant a lot to me.” -J.C., CA

 “It is truly a Great Course: the readings I have done since beginning it have almost all been powerful; in fact, in two cases, they have been reported to be ‘life-changing’!” -M.L., WA

 “You can’t imagine how easy it is for me now to take a chart and in one or two minutes to have a complete understanding of the basic elements contained in it!” -M.C., CO

 “Every time I complete one of the assignments, I have an uncontrollable urge to crack open a bottle of Champagne! And quite often do!! –I must tell you that I had a most rewarding consultation with a lady yesterday, and, thanks to your tutorial capability, she was most satisfied and said as she was paying me, ‘Jill, this was worth far more than I am paying you now!” [And the text that we are working with in the Lesson] Synthesis & Counseling in Astrology, what a Bible of Bibles! Thank you for your warmth, support, and incomparable critical judgement. It is a wonderful privilege to be able to study with you.” –J.A., AUST

“I am preparing Lesson 18, and I am happy to report that I am getting the ‘feel’ of a chart much more quickly and with almost no need to refer to other materials to interpret the chart information. My confidence level is also increasing with me deductions, I’m excited to be completing this Course!” -G.H., NJ

 “There are no ways to express how much I love these Lessons! I took the Course because I knew a lot of independent facts, but they did not click; something was missing. Now, I have a director and the astrological orchestra is not only playing well but making new music! I have learned so much and worked so hard. The feeling I have when I finish a Lesson is unbelievable; I always think that I will never finish and then … BOOM! … I resolve the Lesson. -I would recommend this Course to anybody who is interested in studying human nature, human evolution, psychology, counseling, and even finance. I am applying the astrological knowledge to the stock market now, and it is working!. In the music of this Course, the thousand voices are all coming together in a dramatic and powerful way!” -P.P., FL

 “There is no comparison between what my skills were before I began [this Course] and what they are now!” -B.B., CA

 “Starting from where I did, the growth has been incredible. You’ve given me keys to analysis that make perfect sense to my psychology-oriented brain, but more importantly perhaps, they work! People are amazed at the questions I’m able to ask them. I want to empower people; it’s been a theme of mine for a long time, and your teachings allow me to do that.” G.M., CAN

 “Continually, in doing the work, reading and reviewing, I’m struck by the creativity and style in which this Course is designed, and I’m amazed! You certainly know how to make it interesting and challenging. I feel like I’m constantly improving the quality of my synthesis. -Y.M., OH

 “This Course MUST be a gift from the Universe. It is truly one of the most difficult (for me) things I’ve ever done in my entire life. I suspect it may also turn out to be one of the most satisfying and rewarding.” -P.S., SPA

 “I am having a lot of fun. I feel my organizational skills as an astrologer will be superb by the time I am done with your Course. I have had a few astrological readings, but not many; but when I compare what I am learning with some of them I feel very confident, thorough, and superior. It is amazing. And it is because you are helping me, pointing out to me, the superior analytic tools.” –S. M., CT

 “Things seem to be falling into place now. The shorthand really helps me. I probably can further condense it as I get a little more comfortable with it. It sure makes a big difference in the preparation time. I’m continually amazed at how well it all fits together!” -D.M.,AZ

 “I find your Lesson to be so intriguing, so well designed! [Each Lesson} is like a new surprise. What are we going to do next and what charts will I be working with? So, I’m finding the Course a lot of fun and very gratifying! -Y.M., OH

 “Yes, I am having fun with this! When I look back one year, I really appreciate the change in the depth of my understanding. I am learning to do much more than I ever expected, especially with regard to prediction. I also feel like I do a ton of self-talk during the process of these Lessons, and at this stage of inexperience I can convenience myself of most anything! I do hang on your every word of feedback. Thank you for your unwavering support. It means a lot!!!” C.B., WA

 “Everything has changed for me! What a focusing process this Course is! It’s like adjusting the lens of a camera as I practice applying these keys for analysis: the horoscope images just keep coming into sharper and sharper focus. I feel like I am moving now.” -J.K., PA

 “I know that, six months ago, I wouldn’t have had a clue as to where to start on this seventh Lesson! Now I can take a chart from the beginning and even start to determine time inaccuracies. So, here’s taking my hat off to you. Salute! –J.F., WA

 “My preparation time is down from 75 minutes to about 40 minutes. The duration of the consultations for this Lesson #11 is also down to 1 hour and 10 minutes. Some 10 minutes into one consultation, my client said to me that she was utterly amazed that I could see the main theme of her life just from reading her horoscope, when it had taken some 8 years of therapy for her to get the same insights! I knew I was home free! -D.S., NETH

 “I have learned more than I could have possibly imagined from you. I find these Lessons extremely challenging and the feeling of accomplishment with each and every Lesson is tremendously satisfying. This Course has given me the opportunity to truly begin to understand the horoscope and to actually feel the interaction between its various components.” -D.W., MD

 “I am saying your exact words to my clients; they nod and agree without exception! A new client came by to have me a do quick chart. I ran the chart and saw one set of emphasis points [which we have been studying]; I said what we have learned in the Course, my client said, ” thought so!” and that was all she needed!!! This took 10 seconds.” –M.J., CO

 “I feel like I’ve grown by leaps and bounds since taking your Course. I feel the incisiveness of the analytical tools has enabled me to break into a chart much quicker than before, in a deeper fashion than before. I also think I am learning a new vocabulary of astrology that is more meaningful than I’ve used before and that also deepens what I can communicate as well. Also, the method is so commonsensical and so simple that it is also inviting as well. I think this is the way that astrology should be taught. Lastly, I believe in myself more than I ever have and that is a give that you have given me.” -S.M., CT

 “I have received the Certification! How beautiful and impressive it is! I can’t wait to frame it! Completion of the Course is a big transition and any description here would be an understatement. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and I do want to maintain the standards you’ve set with every consultation forward. You really are offering all you claim in your course. -My most recent clients were interviewed by an [objective] third party for a survey in a marketing course. The response was outstanding! -J.A., CO

 “I have learned immense amounts from just the two Lessons I have so far completed. Each Lesson felt like climbing a mountain, but then, when I have finished, there was a great satisfaction and realization of how much I’ve learned. Your Course is a wonderful ‘mentoring’ programme, really filling in all the missing pieces and bringing my previous study and knowledge together, especially with its emphasis on counseling the client, working with the chart and the individual. This is invaluable!” -C.Z., CAN

 “In the past few months, I’ve learned so much that I can not even begin to tell you how I feel about my growing skills! Learning how to organize my work, the shorthand, your priceless comments on the meaning of certain aspects and configurations an on how best to phrase a question….It is a joy for me to be in the position to be taught by someone who is so very experienced and skilled. -Now, I work with so much more confidence than I ever did before. When I tell my friends and colleagues that I’m studying with you, all of a sudden I gain more respect. SO, I thank you for your willingness to walk with me, to support me, and to teach me on my way up the mountain!” -D.S.NETH

 “You cannot imagine how much I enjoyed this Lesson #4. I feel like, in the last two weeks, I have learned more Astrology than in the last ten years!” -M.C., CO

 “It has helped more than I could ever say to be able to perceive the things I do after 2 Lessons. I am beginning to have a cohesive understanding of the horoscope in general and I thank you for your ability to bring it together for me.” -A.J., CO

 “When I began this Course, I had expected an academic challenge. Well, it most definitely has met and, by far, exceeded my expectations. There have been many times that I have felt overwhelmed, as there is so much to learn and assimilate. However, your words of encouragement, the fine-tuned methodology, and the critical wisdom you have imparted regarding my work thus far have kept me going. -My clients have opened up more to discover new awareness of themselves and their world. The Counseling and Prediction Aphorisms are absolutely invaluable. Thank you for imparting your knowledge and style, and caring so deeply for all your students. -P.P. AZ

 “It is absolutely amazing how I seem to be able to get to the core of the important issues so easily. Because of the way you are teaching me, everything just naturally seems to fall into place! -J.F., CAN

 “This Course has been the best choice I have made in the last 1 ¸ years! I’m learning a lot. -G.A, PARA

 “Thank goodness you are teaching us to streamline our work when preparing a chart for a client. My clients are invariably amazed by what astrology can do, and it is so gratifying to think that, even a little, I am helping people tot bring out the best I themselves. I enjoy telling them that so much of what I can do now in astrology is the result of having a very great teacher! Without your Course and the wonderful feedback you give me, I would not be able to do any of what I do for my clients.” -A.C., CAN

 “Thank you for the fantastic-beyond-description Course, seminars, writings, and perceptions!” -J.A., CO

 “This Course has completely changed my perspective. Now, all of a sudden, my words in print [the astrology column I write] have cause the most conservative people I know to ask for my opinion on things, and they are listening! Wow! My anemic little ego is suddenly feeling much stronger, and I love it! And the best part of all is that I understand myself so much better than I could ever have hope to had I spent years in therapy!!! Thank you so much.” –J.S. DE

 “Everything I’ve learned in just these first 3 Lessons is so essential, that I really hardly know anymore how I did without these teachings of yours!” -D.S., NETH

 “I have about 25 people waiting for an initial appointment with me for astrology!! Their friends have told them of my work and they want to see me. THAT is the TYL difference! Thank you. -C.B., NY

 “After the first Lesson, to say that I am developing a fresh approach to astrology is an understatement! I finally feel as though I am learning to open a conversation with someone about their horoscope and how to make connections in a more holistic way; to get beyond the ‘language’ of astrology, to see the person in the horoscope.” –W.B., CA

 “I truly am having fun learning from you and, in the span of eight lessons, my progress should be measured in light years!” –L.T., FL

 “Thank you so very much for your encouragement! You are a grand teacher! I look back to the beginning lessons and remembers how confused I was with it all and I have to give you very high marks for patience.” -J.G., FL

 “It is rewarding to finally reach the halfway point of the class. I can’t imagine how I got along before gaining the valuable insight from your instruction.” -D.M., AZ

 “Noel, thank you for educating me in your thorough way; you have boosted my confidence in a way you cannot fathom! I’ll be forever grateful for this Course and your never ending support.” –D.S. Netherlands

 “I can’t thank you enough for giving me the tools to divine my birth time and have an accurate horoscope to work with.”-S.T., FL

 “Your taped comments from my first Lesson arrived yesterday. I must add my voice to the many before me: Thank you, thank you, thank you for choosing to disseminate your life’s work in this manner. I am both inspired and humbled to be working with you. The organization of material–I can see already–is conceptually brilliant. And I’ve just BEGUN!!!! What an incredible gift, Noel… it is so exciting for me to be enrolled in this continuing adventure. ” -M.G., CA

 “I’ve been working on the Course for well over two years, (I’m on the Final Exam!). It has changed my life profoundly; years of therapy could not have given me the awareness, confidence, and joy of accomplishment that I’ve gained through this process.” –J.G., FL

 “I just wanted to tell you how excited I am to have started this course. I know you promised that my head would be turned around by the 4th lesson, but it has already started to happen! The power and elegance of this method has totally amazed me –to the point that I would sit there staring at what I had written and be impressed and amazed that I had deduced that much within a few seconds. —I was also warmly welcomed by the TylNet gang, and it does indeed feel like family. What a wonderful thing you are doing for us all.” –HG, PA