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Notebook, October 30, 2008

Supporting and Inspiring our Young

Recently at a Seminar, I was asked a simple but far-reaching question: “How best can parents lead and inspire the young?” --This is a question perhaps best managed by a Family Therapist; but then again …..!

This question emerged out of hours of illustration in the astrology Seminar about children NOT supported by parents in the early home, the children’s ensuing development of self-worth anxiety, etc. --Immediately the activation of the Fixed Grand Cross of Houses and the parental axis, and the 7th is dramatic: seven Houses of life activity! It is all too easy to add more: identity formation with the Ascendant, 9th House concerns with interrupted education ... and we see that practically the entire horoscope is wrapped up with these concerns. Pervasive. Enormously important.

So often all this is embraced with the initial impression of the horoscope focused on a northern Hemisphere emphasis (unfinished business in the early home) ... and then the frequent focus on Saturn-retrograde phenomenology , Nodal axis implications, and special key aspects (Sun and/or Moon with Pluto etc.). And what about all the reasons behind a defensive life orientation (the eastern Hemisphere emphasis), the Grand Trine phenomenon, and so much more. –Pervasive. Enormously important.

[Please know that all these key concerns are presented strongly on the DVD “Fifteen Indispensable Keys to Analysis”; see “BOOKS”]

What a question!

There is no denying this huge problem that, in the end, accumulatively, can threaten to undermine our entire national profile among the nations of the world, through emerging new leadership character, through their educational under-achievement, etc. Just as with rampantly encroaching obesity among the young, we have insistent underachievement and dullness as well. The United States in the last fifty years has steadily dropped in international standing of education, for example, to dismal lows; I repeat, what is this going to mean for leadership in the future?

How many thousands of times do we hear, “I was really neglected as a child; I would go into my room, close the door, try to read a book, and cry.” Or “My father (or mother) was never there. I had no one helping me.” Or “All they did was fight. Going to school was my escape from home, but they never cared what I was learning.”

Here are some considerations that can be helpful reminders for parents; things astrologers should be talking about with parents:

1.. How about thinking about your child for a change? This sounds almost preposterous, I know, but I suggest that parents have forgotten about their children, about their development. They have become a statistic in the family economy, not a flower trying to reach the sun. --What if for fifteen minutes a day, every day or three times a week, the parents could talk together with their child(ren) about needs, dreams, and pride, what’s going on in their lives and what does it mean? --What if that 15-minute time slot could be routined as a family activity of importance? Imagine how the child would learn to look forward to it –it’s all about them! Think how parents and child could get ‘onto the same page’ together! --Do children eat the evening meal with their parents?

2. How about mother and father showing affection for each other in the child’s presence? This is how the child learns about father-mother togetherness, male-female relating; how about a group hug among all three (or more) to end the talk-session?

3. Enlivening the home atmosphere Music in the air touches the nervous system, affects consciousness. What music is played by the parents? --Are there books anywhere? How can the child(ren) learn that reading is important, at home as well as at school. –Are there discussions about particular television shows … even commercials (look at the extraordinary values presented so poignantly by Bell Telephone, AT&T, Budweiser, especially at holiday seasons)?

4. Exploring the ‘meaning’ of college! Is there a college nearby? What about trips there for learning experiences: from football games to science fairs to concerts …etc.?

5. Discussions about society How people dress. What are considerations about money? What about different religions? --A little bit of this talk provides the child(ren) a frame of reference for their position within all. These little bits add up extremely quickly … the child becomes articulate, informed, perceptive; personal projections become credible, doable.

The point of all this is to involve the child(ren) with the parents and the parents with them. It is so rare.

The most frequent excuses I hear for NOT pursuing this involvement are 1) We’re too busy; 2) My spouse and I don’t ever touch each other any more, we barely talk together; 3) The schools should be doing this, that’s why they’re there!; 4) My parents never did anything like that for me me!


We astrologers must help.

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