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Orientation Guidelines for Vocational Analysis

Updated December 30, 1999, as promised

Social status and individual fulfillment record are determined more by our work and our position within that work than by any other sociometric dimension in our lives. We are what we do. Our work takes up more of our living time than any other activity, including sleep.

For both men and women, the job is an extension of personal development to establish identity.

Individual need profiles must be matched to the job-requirement profiles of modern employment situations. The intensification of the individual's Sun-Moon blend begins the analysis. -How often do we hear, "The job didn't do anything for me"!! Or, "What I really need from my job is·"?!

The Sun's sign-energies focus in a House orientation and vitalize the Moon in its sign and, in particular, in its House, the arena of experience in public view. [Who isn't working as a dramatic information go-between, for example, with the Moon in the 3rd?]

The Midheaven, the 6th House, and key aspects are integrated within the process of synthesis, with all measurements working to adjust to the same essential identity-message, [This is what I like to call the "Law of Naturalness."]

The continuity and level of education are essential within all measurement of potential, strategy, and fulfillment. The education profile must be able to support the Jupiterian projection of reward hope, the thrust of success strategy, and the aura of idealism that may pervade the process.

The oriental planet [excepting Mercury and Venus] suggests an added dimension of style or specially personalized requirement or aptitude within the job (and life).

--There's so much more to this very demanding area of astrology: please see pages 427-551 in Synthesis & Counseling in Astrology.

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