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Analytical Techniques-3/31/05

Making the Deduction Leap; Opening up to Inspiration

We astrologers are mediums. That doesn’t mean we commune with spirits and translate arcane messages from another dimension, but it does mean that we facilitate into being our personal creativity, our individual intuition: that goes through some conditioning and modification process inside us and is brought from somewhere forward to the client.

Astrologers all want to be able to do this: to spot a measurement in the future, frame it within the astrological context and the client’s reality circumstances, and present it with a BANG, much like the apple dropping from Mr. Newton’s tree. What makes this talent elusive or keeps it unexercised is our level of confidence. We all have a measure of insecurity about expressing creative deductions.

I believe it is only natural: in that moment of deduction, we are close to something miraculous –even divining small things. There is something we don’t quite understand and we are presenting it to the client. –This something may seem far out from the frame of what we think is practical, normal, natural. We are afraid it will be negated, and any rejection of an idea by a client is easily internalized as a rejection of astrology and the astrologer.

Yet, when we DO have the moment of confidence, or when we DO state something mixed deep within, we feel we are doing the best job we can do. All’s right in astrology heaven!

Here are two examples, from two cases that occurred in successive consultations this morning (they are not selected from some special file cabinet!; they can happen any day in any horoscope).

A lady lawyer shows a broad sweep of success laid out over the next year, highlighted by tr Uranus on her Ascendant and many supportive power-opportunity measurements. A key measurement is SA Sun=Venus (semisquare).

Immediately, we think that there is a focus of romance involved, but the lady’s marriage is fine, happy, secure, etc. –Now what can we deduce about this measurement?

In the horoscope, Venus rules her third.

During the consultation, practically the whole conversation was focused on her growth within her law firm and the anticipation of strong personal recognition (the Uranus transit of the Ascendant and more). Certainly the Sun-Venus arc contributed much corroboration on this point.

But, I asked –seemingly out of the blue!-- “Have you written or published –right now— some very important article or presentation that can bring great attention to you?”

Alright. We can say, “Well, that’s natural because Venus rules the 3rd House of communications, etc.” --Of course, that’s natural, but in this consultation its coming into being was a deductive inspiration. –Think it through. Put yourself on the spot, into the consultation, what would you be saying? If the client were a professional writer, that would be one thing, but this client was a lawyer. And “writing an article” certainly wasn’t in the mix of the conversation to that point.

The lawyer seemed startled. She had indeed just finished a major article for publication! –We were then able to weave this article into a convention appearance planned in the next month; meeting with people who were involved with the issues in the article; ALL of this was leading into her time scheme for conspicuous recognition by her firm.

Suddenly everything fit together. Future reality was revealed

The insight into the astrological symbolism, the inspiration it sparked, occurred because I expected it to! --I have the information within me about astrological symbolism; I was identifying with my client’s developmental course of experience, and I trusted that what I would say would have relevance.

Of course, this comes with experience, poise, know-how, etc. But I have long thought about this process –many years—and I want it to happen and I trust it can happen. I open the window within to have it emerge.

My next client is an extremely successful real estate and land developer. He is presently under superb Jupiter measurements and he correspondingly enjoys much financial profit.

But, he is experiencing much difficulty in domestic issues (suggested by other measurements for him and for his wife), and it is not a minor concern that his wife is also in real estate field, independently, and is not doing very well. She feels very much not a part of his life; there is competition and there is great tension.

This appears to be a black and white domestic tension issue. What can astrology do to help the astrologer help the client?

I had noted that the gentleman showed five quintile aspects in his horoscope.

As the discussion developed as to what he could do with the situation, to help his much loved wife with her anxieties, etc., I asked, apparently out of the blue! “What is your creative outlet?”

You certainly can see how this question appears irrelevant, a non-sequitur.

The gentleman replied directly about his enormously well developed creative outlet that could easily be a second career for him and IN FACT was approaching that status in next month when he would be in a position for national recognition! [The Jupiter transits would apply here as well, of course!]

Where did this come from within the context of the domestic difficulties? What did it mean?

We then saw that this new career adjunct to his superbly successful land holdings would be a new leaf in his life into which his wife could be significantly brought. It could build their togetherness and break down the competition, and much more. [Two of the quintiles in his horoscope linked the ruler of his 7th with his Midheaven and with Venus!]

It was easy for his wife to feel dissociated from her husband since he has a peregrine Sun; he just gives off that marching-to-a-different-drummer vibe! His Pisces Moon would be felt only if were pointed out strongly in his behaviors. Naturally, all this fell into the wife’s vulnerabilities begun early on in her life with Saturn-Sun issues.

Again: The insight into the astrological symbolism, the inspiration it sparked, occurred because I expected it to! --I have the information within me about astrological symbolism; I was identifying with my client’s developmental course of experience, and I trusted that what I would say would have relevance.

***We astrologers must develop the courage to see. We must know that deductive processes are being developed within us throughout all our study. We must know that if we deduce something keenly, in strong focus, there is a reason that we did!

And with each experience and confirmation, that deductive talent grows impressively … and so does the confidence.

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