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Analytical Techniques, 12/31/08

Saturn/Pluto Redux

The archetypal symbolism of Saturn and Pluto together conjure up things Dante placed in the Inferno: gaunt, twisted life-eating gargoyles burying us in their smoky, rocky lair. While our imaginations see the worst with these symbols, we must deal with them practically for better or for worse.

Halves of each comprise the Saturn/Pluto Midpoint, into which other planets or points merge for synthesis. Let’s focus there, with the eye that difficulties represent challenge and motivate effort.

With the Saturn component, there is a sense of the past, of things that have gone on before (time, age). We inherit difficulties and achievements, from our early life, our earlier environmental situation, our parental legacy, our sociological …even historical occurrence. With the Pluto component, there is the sense of doing something, power-driving something into action. There is the sense of struggle to get things known about who we are and what we stand for.

When this complex midpoint is alerted conspicuously in our development, it is hard to deal with. Overcompensation can run wild to prove one’s point. –Or there is simply no facility in one’s life to cope, and the gargoyles we meet in life get their way: our capabilities can be thwarted, our systems of life break down.

Aries Point Remember, please, my finding that Saturn-Pluto relates to “skeletons in the closet,” and that AP=Saturn/Pluto brings those “skeletons” forward into discussion. [Please see “Counseling Insights” Essay, Archive: October 30, 2005.] We can see this measurement in Barbra Streisand’s horoscope and also in the horoscope of Steven Hawking. --Alexander Graham Bell.

Jupiter A fascinating example of the Saturn-Pluto study is with Jupiter=Saturn/Pluto. There is some reward sought, a philosophy born out of what has gone before; some powerful motivating theorized force is possible in terms of one’s position within time. –Pretty lofty concept! But at one Level or another, we can feel this at work within our development. How we express that says who we are.

Adolph Hitler and Charles Manson had Jupiter=Saturn/Pluto. It is not difficult to see Hitler’s philosophy here motivationally; it is not a stretch to link Manson’s Messianic delusions similarly.

--But Caroline Kennedy has Jupiter=Saturn/Pluto, and here we see her awareness of her family past, her position within fated leadership histories, her thrust to change things in the world (through education, politics, government).

We are not making value judgments with Saturn/Pluto. We are discovering energies of development, and the scope of reference is usually quite grand, quite deep.

Uranus With Uranus entering the synthesis, we can see hyper-individualism focusing on some new order in society, some change that is people-orientated. One puts oneself forward dramatically to have far-reaching effect. Hitler’s Deputy in the Nazi Party, Rudolph Hess is a clear historical example. Hess, just before Russia’s entry into WWII, flew to Scotland in an attempt to change things, to negotiate a peace with the United Kingdom. He was arrested, given a life-imprisonment prison term, and committed suicide in 1987. –See also Russell Crowe: putting oneself forward dramatically to have far-reaching effect..

As always with examples, usually with historical figures, the extreme of the concept is dramatized. While this helps us understand and apply information, we must be careful not to taint the individual reference with the colors of the extreme example. –Here, the phrase idea of individually making a difference certainly is appropriate and helpful.

Venus With Venus synthesis we become aware of socio-relational vulnerability, a longing for acceptance, of love, of recognition. This certainly implies that difficulties propel that need and amplify its urgency. Sometimes, life circumstances will not support the fulfillment of finding the love [attention, recognition] one needs. But with development, actions to fulfill the need can relate to the larger group, to go beyond the individual –which may be embarrassing—to the larger social construct. Achieving something there is achieving something here.

It is not difficult to “see” this with Ralph Nader, Lee Iacocca, Fidel Castro, and Hillary Clinton.

Mercury Isn’t there some reason that some people think in depressive terms, with a morbid turn, ponder private demons, if you will? Often, the reason is rooted in early deprivation of attention, understanding, and support. Insecurity and fear are born too close to the front of one’s mind; we feel bad about ourselves. –What changes this is most often vocational fulfillment, deep studies attracting the attention, understanding and support we miss. A recent client of mine has been haunted by these self-deprecating concepts for years, but, now facing a major career change, it was clear to both of us that those concepts would surely go away with the light of the new direction. –See Liberace. Rock Hudson. Saddam Hussein. Bill Clinton

Mars Mars in the mix suggests a low threshold for frustration; a gun with the cork in its barrel. A woman of power within a masculine-dominated work hierarchy is a good example: society forces frustration, even under-achievement. A rebel can be born, as we see with celebrated sex marketer Xavier Hollander; as we can see with Bill Gates! Abraham Lincoln! Christopher Reeve.

Neptune This is a suggestion of enormous circumstantial suppression, not being seen for who one really is. Often the reasons –if there are any—are not at all clear. Frustration is the rule, and acting out personal vision becomes a key to downfall or, indeed, to unusual self-positioning through personal visions. –Jeffrey Dahmer and Stephen Hawking are clear examples. See Prince Philip of the UK. The nation of Iraq under Saddam Hussein.

The Sun, the Moon We must see Saturn/Pluto concerns as motivational. Conditions can be so bad or enforced against one’s will that they motivate toward freedom of expression, action; and often this thrust can take one beyond what is socially proper, condoned, endorsed. Often one is alone in one’s realm. –Jeddu Krishnamurti (Sun) worked rigorously for the Theopsophy movement worldwide, following their leadership of him as a “vehicle” for the expected World Teacher. Then he disavowed the idea, dissolved the movement, and traveled the world as an individual speaker. ---Prince Charles (Sun)! Michael Jordan (Sun). Dick Cheney (Moon). Robber, rapist, celebrated Death Row lawyer inmate Caryl Chessman (Moon)

The Nodal Axis This could very well suggest public projection (sharing) of private life, even pain and struggle, as with the national horoscope of Israel; or dark, protective hiding of Self. See Sophia Loren. Magic Johnson. Condoleeza Rice.

The Ascendant When the Ascendant gains the energy thrust of Saturn/Pluto, we can see a drive for success that is formidable. Work. Work. Work. Get it done; make history. General Norman Schwarzkopf is a fine example of this drive. Eddie Murphy. Magician David Blaine. Alan Leo. --And, as well, with the Ascendant being the Health Center of the horoscope, there can be pervasive health concerns with which to deal under developing circumstance, especially aging.

The Midheaven Jimmy Hoffa, Josef Stalin, and Pope Benedict XVI have MH=Saturn/Pluto. We can see the toil and the eye to fame. The similarity with Asc=Saturn/Pluto is undeniable.

So the Saturn/Pluto dyad focuses dark, driving considerations. With involvement of the inner planets, most sensitively, there seems to be a vulnerability to scapegoatism … one invites the projection of others’ upset; we burn under others’ baggage, their perceptions. In all cases, we experience the press of time and the burden of action for effectiveness. How do we assimilate the motivation?

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