Professional Conference with Basil Fearrington

on your Client Work

Some horoscopes are very difficult, elusive, obscure, especially challenging. Often, a “second opinion” helps organize horoscope analysis. Noel Tyl offers this “second opinion” consultation service: how to find the central theme of a particular horoscope, how to synthesize competitive aspect patterns, how to locate the emotional significances living in aspect structures, how to identify the developmental periods of the past, etc. Please see the four examples below.

Information about You

All work is strictly confidential.  Submit the information requested below. Noel Tyl will e-mail you promptly with your earliest appointment time to telephone him for a private conference on the horoscope you are working on. The conference will work to be optimally informative and helpful, lasting up to 20 minutes ($25 fee to be paid by credit card at the time of the call.)  You and Noel will solve problems skillfully, learning a great deal to pass on to your client.